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Create factory

Start-up FUYI

Started its own factory brand FUYI Group in 1966, mainly engaged in fabric production and processing, with high-quality fabrics and services as the goal, and continued to work hard to carry out import and export trade, and received a large number of orders.

Expand the scale

Opened Myanmar factory

Established a factory in Yangon, Myanmar to provide a more efficient and cost-effective price and achieved great success. The annual export value is 2.55 million RMB.

Support customization

Improve the scope of services

We co-operated with TCHAKOVSKY and became the big-gest supplier for Russian army.

Expand cooperation

Powerful enterprise

Many brands of uniforms have cooperated with us so far: Adar, Natural Uniform, Crush scrubs, Scorpi, Roly, Dress A Med, Reina Uniform, Life-Threads, JB's wear, Workteam, etc.


The main thing for us was the fit, not so much other aspects. The colors that we could match with the style also helped us out a lot. The sales team were there all the time to help us get the right fit we wanted.


After a period of consultation with the sales and development team we arranged our order. The fabrics they use are tried and tested for their comfortability and wearabiltiy, perfect. When it comes to pockets the choice is yours. They didn't put a premium price tag on the addition of products and the team walked us through each step to get the right feel we want wanted.